Residential & Commercial Services

  1. Free consultation by a professional fabric care consultant to help determine the course of action necessary for the soft surfaces in each home, office, or facility.
  2. No-cost testing and evaluation of fabrics and carpets.
  3. Application of our fabric protection treatment by trained and certified professionals to floor coverings and above-the-floor furnishings with a one year service commitment including:
    • Phone assistance
    • On-site assistance for difficult situations
    • Fabric Care Kit with free refills throughout the year
  4. Cleaning of wall-to-wall carpet with a system that is designed for optimum cleaning and rinsing of unwanted residues.
  5. On-site cleaning of draperies, wall coverings, and furnishings that should not or need not be removed.
  6. Deodorizing and sanitizing pet stains such as urine and vomit.
  7. Pile-lifting where necessary or applicable.
  8. The Prestige Plan, a custom maintenance program designed with regularly scheduled follow-up care.